Your Path to Database Freedom Begins with a Database Migration Assessment

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Cloud Database Migration Assessment. Reduce costs and operational complexity on the way to "Database Freedom"

migVisor is a migration advisor tool that can accelerate your database migration assessment process. Our innovative and unique solution is a culmination of our decades of hands-on database migration experience, helping reduce database license, support and operational costs, break vendor lock-in and secure quick wins and immediate ROI


migVisor scans your existing commercial databases


Identifies proprietary database features being used


Analyzes database license and support cost


migVisor scans your existing commercial databases, scans for proprietary features that are in-use, analyze database license and support cost and advise on the fastest path to migrate your databases to open-source cloud platforms. Reduce database license and operational costs and break vendor lock-in by migrating your expensive commercial database to open source cloud-based database platforms such as MySQL, PostgreSQL, Amazon Aurora, Amazon RDS and Amazon RedShift.


MigVisor overcomes the challenges in identifying the ideal databases for migration, focuses on the least complex databases and applications, prioritizes the candidate databases and generates a migration plan with an overall assessment of the process.


  • Shows database cost savings from migrating to the cloud
  • Displays information about each database including active proprietary features
  • Ranks your databases by ease of migration on a scale of 1 – 100
  • Shows database migration choices, such as Amazon Aurora
  • Advises on the fastest path to migrate your databases to cloud platforms

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Cloud Database Migrations

Five Steps of Database Migration Assessment

Identify Migration Targets

Simplify the process by indentifying and prioritizing the ideal databases for migration, based on potential cost reduction, while minimizing complexity.

Schema Conversion and Feature Parity

Convert the database schema and objects, replacing proprietart features with comparable or better features in your target database platform.

Application Conversion

Modify your existing applications to support the new DB platform.

QA and Performance Testing

Ensuring full application compatibility and top tier performance with your new DB platform.

Data Migration

Perform zero-downtime data copy from source to target DB in real time.

Reduce costs and operational complexity on the way to "Database Freedom". The first step to achieving Database Freedom is to perform a database migration assessment, because you cannot migrate what you do not know. Learn how much you can save and prioritize your database migrations to the cloud with migVisor – the Naya Tech database migration advisor tool.


License Cost Reduction


Scaning Commercial Databases


Migration Success Rate


Simplify Migration complexity


migVisor by Naya Tech specializes in cloud database migration solutions providing a unique migration advisor software that was developed based on years of database migrations experience, best practices, and know-how.

Our goal is to help organizations reduce database license and support spend while simultaneously increasing database flexibility, high availability, and scalability.

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